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At Fisher Acura, we’re taking some of the first steps in reducing our impact on the planet and paving the way for a greener future! Our Going Green Initiative combines electric automotive ingenuity, solar power technology, and so much more to provide a better future for not just Denver but for the planet. Take a look at what we have planned and why you should consider Fisher Acura if you want to upgrade to a new Acura while going green.

Going Green Initiative: Solar

Solar technology is a staple of our Going Green efforts here at Fisher Acura. To give you an idea of what we’ve currently achieved and what we plan to do with solar power, here are some highlights of our Going Green Initiative:

  • We plan on offsetting over 900,000 kWH per year.
  • Our initial installment plan is to have 1,315 solar panels installed in the Aurora area.
  • As an effort to further our cause, we plan on investing over $1.1 million into solar power technology.

Going Green Initiative: EV Infrastructure

EVs are becoming increasingly popular among Broomfield drivers and for good reason. Acura will only continue to add to its EV lineup, but here’s what Fisher Acura has planned to increase the EV infrastructure of our vision:

  • We’re adding a capacity of 18 Level 2 Chargers and 6 DC Fast Chargers.
  • Our chargers will have the capacity to charge 24 vehicles simultaneously.
  • We’re investing over $600,000 into our EV infrastructure and overall EV plans.

Going Green Initiative: Outdoor & Indoor LED

Besides our automotive aspirations, we also have plenty of ideas for our dealership building to make it greener and more eco-friendly. Here are some things that we’ve done and that we plan on doing in the future as part of our Going Green Initiative:

  • We’ve converted all outdoor lighting to LED.
  • We’ve invested over $160,000 to our outdoor and indoor LED operations.
  • We’re working on a current project to convert all indoor shop lighting to LED lighting.

More Than Just Eco-Friendly

Besides providing a cleaner future for Boulder, we’ll also be providing plenty of jobs to the area as well with our Going Green Initiative. This means more opportunities for growth and stability in our community. Our Going Green Initiative is just a first step in the right direction towards a greener future for our customers and community members. For more information on our Going Green Initiative or our Green Dealer Program, visit Fisher Acura online or right here in Boulder.

Experience a Brighter Future at Fisher Acura!

Contact us to learn more about our Going Green Initiative and how it impacts you. Don’t forget to check out our new vehicle specials while you’re here before you upgrade to a clean and efficient new Acura.


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