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Fisher Acura Luxury Lease PackageReturning Your Leased Car in Boulder, CO: A Stress-Free Experience at Fisher Acura

Dreading the day you have to turn in your leased car? You’re not alone! Many people find lease end to be a confusing and stressful process. But fear not! Here at Fisher Acura in Boulder, Colorado, we’re here to make your lease return experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

What to Expect When Returning Your Leased Acura to Fisher Acura:

  • Clear and Upfront Communication: Our knowledgeable team will walk you through the entire lease termination process, ensuring you understand each step involved.
  • Detailed Vehicle Inspection: We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your leased Acura to determine any excess wear and tear charges that may apply according to your lease agreement.
  • Seamless Transition: Whether you’re planning to buy out your lease, lease a new Acura, or simply return the keys and walk away, we’ll ensure a smooth handover.

Top 3 Tips for a Hassle-Free Lease Return:

  1. Review Your Lease Contract: Familiarize yourself with the terms of your lease, including mileage allowance and permitted wear and tear.
  2. Schedule a Pre-Return Inspection: Before your lease ends, consider scheduling a pre-inspection at Fisher Acura. This will give you a chance to address any minor issues that could lead to excess wear and tear fees.
  3. Gather Lease Documents: Have all your lease paperwork readily available for the return process, including your lease agreement and registration documents.

At Fisher Acura, we understand that returning a lease can be a source of anxiety for many drivers. Our goal is to simplify the process and provide a positive experience for all our customers.

4 Of The Most Common Lease Return Options At The End Of Your Vehicle Lease

  1. Return the Acura and walk away: This is the simplest option. You simply return the vehicle to the dealership at the end of the lease term, and you’re no longer obligated. However, you’ll be responsible for any excess wear and tear charges outlined in your lease agreement.
  2. Buy out your lease and own the Acura: If you love your Acura and want to keep it, you can purchase it from the leasing company for a predetermined price set in your lease contract. This option can be a good choice if the car’s market value is higher than the buyout price.
  3. Lease a new Acura: This is a popular option for drivers who always want the latest Acura model. You can simply return your current lease and start a new lease on a brand new Acura.
  4. Trade in your leased Acura for a new car (any make or model): You can trade in your Acura at the dealership, even if it’s not a Fisher Acura dealership. The trade-in value can be used towards the down payment on a new car, of any make or model.

Some Additional Factors To Consider When Making Your Lease Return Decision:

  • Mileage: Review your lease agreement for the allowed mileage limits. If you go over the limit, you may be responsible for excess mileage fees.
  • Vehicle condition: The dealership will assess the condition of your Acura at lease end. Any excessive wear and tear beyond normal use will result in fees. Consider getting a pre-inspection to identify any potential issues you can address before returning the car.
  • Market value of the Acura: If the market value of your Acura is higher than the buyout price in your lease, then buying it out might be a good financial decision. You can research the car’s value online using resources like Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds.
  • Your future car needs: Think about what kind of car you’ll need in the future. Do you want to stick with an Acura, or are you open to exploring other makes and models?

Ultimately, the best lease return option depends on your individual circumstances and needs. The Fisher Acura dealership’s finance department can help you review your lease agreement and discuss your options in more detail.

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Together, let’s make your lease return a breeze!

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